Tuesday September 3, 2019

SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: I would seek to God, and to God would I commit my cause: Job 5:8 KJV

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “Seekers are finders.”

What you seek after is what you will find, those who seek for something don’t give up until they find what they’re looking for. The month is young and loaded, you must endeavor to utilize this period well and maximize the opportunities early. Early seekers are early achievers, those who seek God early arrive on time. It doesn’t matter how many knocks you’ve received in the past there is still a chance to knock down what have been knocking you down previously if you align yourself with the plan and purpose of God for your life. Maybe you have complains of not hearing God, after now your hearing ability will be restored in Jesus name.

Go to God with a passionate heart desiring for an answer as if your life depends on it, it is not enough to seek, what makes seeking qualitative and loaded with replies is the heart. The heart must be determined to remain there until answer comes to go forward. The challenge is when answer comes, and after experiencing the change we reduce in our quest for chasing God, some even forsake God completely until trouble hit. To be connected with God is to continually seek after Him and committing the different stages into His hand. It is only the one that opened the door that can navigate your movement inside the room. Don’t be too familiar with openings and miss out from seeking God continually and don’t be too frustrated and miss out from your time of release, always seek God and commit your cause to Him daily. Whatsoever that God cannot give you is not good enough for you yet. Don’t force God to accept your plan, accept His plans instead because He knows your future before you even arrive in it. The best is in God and not in what you can offer yourself.


Commit your plans to God and trust Him to see you through.


Don’t think you’ve arrived and stop seeking God and don’t think you’re not getting enough from God. To improve your levels intensify your hunger.


I decree in the name of Jesus that henceforth you’ll seek the Lord and shall find Him. Receive grace to live a holy life.

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