Wednesday August 7, 2019

SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them saying, Tell the vision to no man, Until the Son of man be risen again from the dead. Matthew 17:9 KJV

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “Don’t make public, what is meant for private use.”

It is very important to understand when to go public with the vision, idea, initiative or whatsoever it might be that the Lord has placed in your heart to do. In the society today, we have a lot of talkers who want everybody to know what they are doing and cause others to believe. Everyone must learn to keep private what is meant to be personal and must equally endeavor to be well informed and guided before going public. The public space is not where one should stand unprepared; you must act wisely in the handling of your affairs.

Jesus specifically told His disciples not to tell of the experience they had at the mountain. Why would He charge them not to speak to anyone about it? Because declaration before manifestation has the tendency to cancel or limit the level of impact it is supposed to have. In some cases it can make the process harder than it is meant to be. Please don’t put yourself under pressure because you want to please men or prove a point to your age-mates that you’re not left behind. It’s a personal race dearly beloved, your time will come and it overtakes; rushing into it won’t guarantee success. It is interesting to note that anytime people hurry into something special unprepared, it often times end in a sorry state and a disaster with little or no knowledge of what to do to keep the vehicle moving. This will eventually result in minimal impact. There is a time to know something and master your trade, don’t start manifesting during the ‘knowing/incubation stage’ it will amount to a wasted effort of time and resources.


Every platform is not meant for you to speak, sometimes it is to listen and learn. Timing is what gives relevance.


Always be in tune with God via His words and pray consistently.


God will bestow on you the wisdom to act appropriately at all times in Jesus name!

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