Tuesday August 6, 2019

SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: But Ruth replied, “Don’t make me leave you, for I want to go wherever you go and to live wherever you live; your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God; I want to die where you die and be buried there. May the Lord do terrible things to me if I allow anything but death to separate us.” And when Naomi saw that Ruth had made up her mind and could not be persuaded otherwise, she stopped urging her. Ruth 1:16-18 TLB

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “Knowing when to keep pushing and when to stop is the key to actualization on the earth.”

Persistence can be right and wrong, and this is where some people get it mixed up. You must understand what to insistently repeat and what not to continue repeating. It takes the grace of God for one to know what to do per time. Every rejection is a redirection to either press harder or to try something new with a different approach. Do not be determined foolishly, even though the cause might be right, endeavor to make sure you’re not going about it the wrong way and ignorantly. Time is of the essence and it waits for no one; something must be done and done quickly.

Someone might ask how do I know when to continue and when to stop and redirect my movement? The first thing to do in order to be guided and remain guided by God is to commit it into His hands. You must as a matter of necessity do all you can to make sure that God is aware of your steps before embarking on it and ask for His help. God’s servant Dr.Pst. Paul Enenche once said that…’whatsoever is committed to God has a future.’ It might simply be my son or my daughter continue in this path or do it like this, it ensures that you’re forever guided and not forsaken all through the journey. That’s the security that comes when we entrust our ways to God. It cancels frustration along the line. Secondly, constant review of intentions and visions for holding onto a goal. Ask yourself questions like, is there another way to Abuja from Kaduna aside from train? And if there is, how accessible is it to me? Will it accomplish the purpose or not? Questions like this helps to keep one in check and in control, constant and regular analysis helps us to remain focused on the right thing. Exploit other options; there is always that one option to use if you look well. Persist rightly and move on if you have to. Moving on is not giving up, don’t think when you change procedure you’re weak or not good enough, wisdom becomes profitable when it directs you.


Have a clear and a concrete vision on what you’re up to, that way stability is established during the time of waiting.


Trust in the Lord and not in your own understanding, intelligence, and expertise.


The grace to know what to do about every stage of your life is released upon you in Jesus name!

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