Thursday August 8, 2019

SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24 NIV

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “Prayer is not the only requirement for needs to be granted.”

As a person, when you desire to buy a shirt, the first taught that comes to mind is the money to buy it. Thereafter you’ll either go to a store in person or make orders online before it can be delivered for use. Desire alone is not enough to acquire the shirt if you fail to consider the processes involved. The picture that is being drawn from this illustration is that every want or need that a man desires, requires some amount of personal effort and sacrifice. It doesn’t negate supernatural provisions but rather it makes clear the role of human positive responds/actions that ushers in the supernatural without struggle. Sometimes people want it hurriedly, by trying to skip the processes, God doesn’t function that way. He is a God of principles, and there are buttons that one needs to press in the spirit to attract divine openings and answers to prayers. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and other ancient men of faiths walked in the realm of absolute believe in God even when what God told them or what they prayed about appeared impossible. Praying is the ability to depend on the infallibility of God after making your request known to Him. The motives for asking must be right and not for selfish and lustful reasons. When you pray for necessary things, God satisfies your comforts and luxuries, but when you concentrate on selfish gains, it’s limiting the extent the blessing can cover. James 4:3.

Jesus in His teachings according to today’s scriptural reading disclosed some very important revelation on the subject of prayer. He started by saying…whatever you ask for in prayer, you should believe after asking that you have received it, i.e. after praying, you believe that you have received it and give no room for doubt at all. Receiving it in the mind is what guarantees that you have your testimony. PRAY—RECEIVE—HAVE. Certainly if you tarry and faint not God will grant your request. Sometimes in order for the blessing not to destroy us and make us miss heaven, God makes sure we are ready for it before releasing the blessing upon us.


When you pray don’t doubt in your heart, believe that those things which you said shall come to pass.


Trust in the faithfulness and righteousness of God. He can never ever fail. Build your trust with His words.


Receive strength and grace to trust in the Lord wholly at all times in Jesus name!

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