Sunday August 11, 2019

SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: But you, brethren, be not weary in well doing. 2 Thessalonians 3:13 KJV

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “Doing the right thing always is a state of mind that should never be allowed to be corrupted.”

Too much of freedom is bad, in fact too much of everything is not good. Whenever we stop being answerable to someone, we start degrading and reducing. That was the case with Adam and Eve, the moment they stopped responding to the command of God, downfall was introduced. People often times do the abominable under the umbrella of freedom. They say it is their life, therefore, they don’t give ears to what anyone has to say to them when it doesn’t support the kind of lifestyle they have embraced. The political government of today is making the matter worse by legalizing issues that lack moral standing with God and man. The idea that one can do what he/she likes is the reason of much decadence in the society and why it is in a sorry-state. Man naturally was created and given condition on how to operate, some fall short of these conditions. When we justify wrong, it can never be true. God’s word and teachings are meant to bring us back when we deviate, but when we bend the rule to accommodate perverseness we are only calling for trouble.

All the negative happenings going on in every country of the world today is because good people have refused to speak. How can a male say he wants to change to a female and the parents endorse it, because of nonsense freedom. Any of such person needs the brain re-examined and corrected and not for the society to accept it and say all is well, NO! it is not well. The failure to call evil by what it is, is the reason the devil is playing with the minds and souls of people by turning them into what they’re not. Today the power of God will set you and anyone related to you that the devil has held bondage free in Jesus name. Don’t get tired of living right. Anything that is contrary to God is of the devil. Defending evil will never make it right. Anything outside of God’s original plan is a disaster with abundant regrets. Maintain your stand in truth and establish yourself in righteousness. Don’t support evil because of what you stand to gain. Always do the right thing, it will establish you firmly.


The word of God is the standard of living and operation. To go against it is to attract calamity, frustration, disaster and evil upon one’s self and lead other people that can’t decide for themselves astray as a result of your error. Let people copy good from you and not bad.


Stick to the word of God and apply the teachings of God to Your Life. Do not forsake His ways for there are truth and life.


Every plot of the enemy to turn you against your creator is vanquished today in Jesus name. You will never get tired of goodwill and you’ll live a prudent and a sweet life that pleases God.

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