Friday August 9, 2019

SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: But I trusted in your mercy; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. Psalms 13:5 KJV

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “The mercy of God is our saving grace on the earth.”

Being alive and functioning is not because of our uniqueness, exceptional qualities and outstanding attributes. Don’t even think it is because of your physical might and toughness that is making you survive the earth. For the wicked it is not the diabolical and witchcraft practices that is the reason for living. Being alive and kicking is purely by the mercies of God and not because man deserves it. He permits the wicked to see if they will repent, but when they fail to, He visits them with His wrath. The grace and the salvation of God is the reason the sickness, evil pronouncements and bad wishes of the enemy concerning your life will never be accomplished. Some people attribute good health to a strong immune system and blood cells. No Sir/Ma, God is the reason that you’re standing. We shouldn’t behave like fools that say in their heart there is no God. He is the reason you’re not consumed.

There are unpleasant times in the life of a man, which only His grace gives us the strength to pass through and come out unhurt and undamaged. To be on the earth and remain secure is to depend on the mercy of God and not on your own knowledge to navigate your way. In the midst of rejection and pain, His mercy is our comfort, safeguard and will-power to go forward and still make sense. Without the mercy of God, man will be grounded and forgotten. Don’t take His mercy and loving kindness towards you for granted.


The mercy of God is why we are still living day after day.


Don’t trust in your abilities or in a man, it will fail. Trust in the Lord and worship the Lord habitually for who He is.


The mercy of God, His loving kindness, faithfulness and provisions will abound in your life from today and going forward in Jesus name.

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