Sunday September 9, 2019

SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Give you now commandment to cause these mean to cease, and that this city be not built, until another commandment shall be given from me. Ezra 4:21 KJV

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “Don’t plan and take decisions until you have received instructions.”

One can easily get carried away in the wrong thing and still assume that they’re still in tune with the Lord. God created the world with instructions and order and gave command that will serve as a guard, plan and a deterrent for man from indulging in some practices that will bring about fall and disaster. He instructed Adam on how to conduct his affairs in the garden and when Adam failed from planning his life around the instructions of God he was easily tricked by the devil. You can have instructions but when you fail to make bold and concrete plans on how to carry out the instructions you can easily be overthrown and miss your path. Instructions protect your plans while plan protects your life. Ensure that your plans are based on clear instructions to avoid fallout from grace.

According to Ezra 4:21…’until you receive commandment (instruction) make sure you don’t build yet…’ (Paraphrased). Wait to get instructions from God before taking steps because steps taken without instruction has the capacity to lead to ruin and when plans miss instructions it lacks coherence and assurance. Instructions will keep you safe.


Let your planning be done based on instructions received.


Start planning when you have clear instructions on how to conduct the affair. Instructions and planning must work hand in hand. When details are understood, execution is easy.


Your life will be filled with the understanding of God. You won’t negotiate instruction with God; receive grace to stick to instructions correctly in Jesus name.


As you go about this week remember that heaven is real and hell is real, conduct yourself in the way that God will be proud of. Live for God with heaven in view. God bless you and make this week fruitful for you.

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